Sunday, August 5, 2012

Auf Wiedersehen Bis Nächsten Jahr

Currently burning my legs by resting my laptop on my lap [haha imagine that!]. The battery becomes quite warm whilst plugged in and charging.....but the Sims will kill my battery otherwise. And i'm feeling rather lethargic and much too lazy to sit up or sit hunched over on my bed.

The final night of the fair was last night....somehow i managed to go every night this week. Primarily for food. Yet, by some odd coincidence, i've managed to lose weight. Woo! Accomplishment indeed.

Blazer: Charlotte Russe; tank: Old Navy; belt: came with a Candie's skirt; skirt: H&M; purse: Betsey Johnson; shoes: Romwe

Twas mighty warm.....ended up with different shoes and a different purse. I absolutely love my spikes and newest clutch....hence why at least one of them have frequented my blog almost every day this week.

purse: Dream Out Loud
Actually bought this purse the summer after junior year for my Euro trip. Twas great for carrying the essentials.

shoes: Degree

Gladiators made the cut.

Lovely and i had a lovel-E time. We rode the mechanical bull!!!!! ....not together. But each of us rode it. I know, i know, dirty mechanical bull at the fair, whoop-di-do. But we thought it was pretty sweet.

I stayed pretty ladylike in my skirt. It's a skill. Go crazy, live big, but stay classy and dignified doing so. . . aka wear the right type of undergarments at all times, bend at the knees if you must pick up something whilst wearing a dress/skirt, and ride a bucking bronco with your skirt tucked under you so as not to expose yourself.
Check. Check. Check.

After the end of the night.....ahhhhh....

Chillin' in a thin cream-colored summer dress with Lovely and playing video games whilst we watch the foreign version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not the Rooney Mara version, but the Noomi Rapace.

Remember MySpace and its mood statuses?
Current Mood: Content :)

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