Monday, August 27, 2012

More g33k, less chic

Upperclassmen are notorious for not giving a fig and showing up in sweats....well, i didn't even pack sweatpant [add that to the list of things i forgot] but today is still a semi-bum day. Yoga pants aren't the dressiest of pants and a new workout shirt and a Vans hat...and of course, some jewelry to add a girly touch. And to make it look like i didn't just roll out of bed. I did my make-up, i swear!

Tunic: VS; jeans: Angel

Last day home....went for my driver's license. I feel like a big girl now haha. My license no longer reads: UNDER THE AGE OF 18 UNTIL

Move-in day! Ugh....feel as though i had soo much! But....i'm all set albeit i have more pics to hang up.

Blazer: Charlotte Russe; tank: Ross's; shorts: AE

My Nana gave me a ring that was my great-grandmother's, or Kaki to us. Vintage jewelry is so neat in that it already has a history....but family jewelry means even more. Miss you, Kaki...wearing this ring and hoping you're smiling down on me at school.

Lovely made me a poster of my favorite Pokémon!!
Top row: Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite
Middle: Eevee [dear Eevee, i love you just the way you are :) ]

Bottom: Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, along with the corresponding evolution stones

You know you have a sweetheart when... :)
Ladies, if your significant other takes the time to make you something to take with you [and if they like Pokémon], they are a keeper.

Esp if they like Pokémon hahaha

New workout shirt. Workout and stop bitching until you do. Change won't happen on its own...complaining doesn't get results. Shake your tuchus when you hear your favorite song. Little things add up to calories burned and better feeling about yourself. Endorphins are the best.

Our little vanity area....we're missing our full-length mirror from last year's room.

Today i'm putting things together for tomorrow....français first thing tomorrow at 8am! Goodness....tomorrow shall be busy. Four classes.

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