Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Michael Jackson

Cash Cash released a new song, Michael Jackson. Hmmm i like some of his music, but perhaps this is going a bit far....love the group, but not loving this. Mayhap you'll disagree and think me silly...

This song is absolutely wonderful. This is the original version....the BC Jean version, not the altered Beyoncé version. Yes, i love Beyoncé, especially Broken-hearted Girl and Dance for You, but i love BC Jean's voice in this song....it's raw.

Recently received some prezzies from my Sissy!

Hot sauce = yum

This face is absolutely priceless.

TeenVogue came in the mail! Yesterday Glamour arrived....Victoria Beckham on the cover of Glamour, Selena on TeenVogue....awaiting Seventeen with Kylie and Kendall Jenner...

I love getting mail :)

necklace: vintage; yoga capris: Aerie

Baby, why don't we just dance?

My 4 year old self would love me....back then i hated wearing "real" pants aka jeans and any other material that was not as stretchy and comfortable as stretch pants. A wild child has to be able to move! Perhaps that explains my love for no pants.....hmmmm

I can be a lady, but sometimes, it's just so dang comfy to simply curl up in some comfy pants and snuggle with my stuffed hippo.

These are only my second pair of yoga pants....both courtesy of my sister, Jordan. I'm not sure what my aversion was to these before. They are awesome, my possum.

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  1. Some of Cash Cash's songs are pretty catchy, but I don't think they do justice to Michael Jackson! Love your pants, by the way.