Sunday, September 2, 2012

Remnants of the night

A tad late....

Hmm the past couple posts have been done in groups of two days. Perhaps i'll organize it that way from now seems to work easier than trying to break from homework [as much as i love doing that haha]. I'd rather have a little better quality posts, if you will.

Last night Jordan and i went out...the mall had some great sales and i needed to return some jeans that just didn't work out. I have some curve in my legs so i need a bit of stretch. I felt as though i couldn't breathe in these. Or sit down. I was looking at other jeans/jeggings on AE's website and it seemed many of them had the same room for breathing.

Wore this with my spiked shoes from Romwe, which seem to be my new go-to shoes at school. Received some compliments on my shoes as well as my outfit :) daaaaaaang, was it humid outside.

My attempt at being a ninja. Saturday's chill outfit.

I went over to my Nana's house to help out for a bit...Saturday seems to be the unofficial drive under the speed limit day. I was not amused.

Dress: O'Neill; shoes: Seychelles

My poor phone has been through a lot and can no longer take, i must resort to my camera. Camera has better pic quality anyways. I was trying on my hi-low dress. I finally found one that fit well!! I swear i'm built like a Barbie....which makes certain things difficult to wear and not look like a total frump.

PacSun was having a sale and i found this gem for $14 marked down from $45.

At the dance they played Jess's new favorite song, Wobble by V.I.C. Ooooh, how i love to dance. Even though i'm not very good. I probably look like a weirdie. I'm super corny.

Off to dreamland...

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