Thursday, September 6, 2012

College Homework

When it comes to college homework, one needs to know how to keep it interesting in order to stay motivated to want to complete it...yes, yes, you should want to do homework in order to enrich your understanding, but as much as you love a subject, it doesn't mean you love doing homework.

Unless, of course, it's French. I love doing French homework. Last year I loved doing German homework. Go figure.

For marketing, i made a very good application of a real life example to the problem at hand: taking the company of Coca-Cola and answering some marketing-type questions about it. To make a boring story short, I appropriately used "rum and coke" in my answer and felt quite compelled to share.

I was discussing how one does not often hear "rum and Pepsi," but rather use "rum and Coke," thus representing Coke's popularity over Pepsi. [I'm neutral in this matter, btw]

Look at me! I wore heels! .....and i wish to clarify that my hand was against the wall, not making a terrible freehand, or as majorettes would call it, a broken freehand. Ew. Broken freehands are ugly.

You know your sister loves you when she gives you chocolate. THAT, my friends, is love....a mutual love of dark chocolate.

Mon test de français est à demain! As I'm sure was indicated earlier....i'm quite the eager beaver in French class. Perhaps a little too eager. I think my eagerness scares people.

Finishing up No Strings Attached on my roomie date. Another chill night tonight...

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