Saturday, June 20, 2015

Duality of emergence

The emergence into adulthood...that split between the college "adult" and a loan-paying, responsible, hopefully employed "adult."

As I walked to my car in the enormous hospital parking garage, contemplating life so as to keep my mind distracted from thinking about the possibility of being abducted or gang-banged, inner concepts of this whole "adult life" flooded the slideshow of my mind, a high-speed Prezi presentation.

New locks.
Ba-bye, light brown faded hair
 This time period is a crazy transition. I've been out of school, hell, 6 months now, and I still feel in limbo: that kick-ass Operations Coordinator for the second largest account in a national company vs. that bewildered 20-yr young woman who still sleeps with two very faithful stuffed animals and cries during Big Hero 6 and Up.

Professional-ish look

It's crazy to think I'm an adult now....whoa. I don't even like toast. Or rather, I like warm bread just on the verge of the tiniest bit of *crunch* to it.

Mango chutney: found at Wegman's, much to my delight.

Typical shopping bag for this recycling fiend?

Cleaning supplies, toothpaste, a little bit of food, and hair dye. All of the essentials.

I have found the T-storm survival kit on my adventures after work!

An old friend, McKenzie's Black Cherry, is packed away, along with some new friends: Original Hard Cider, Green Apple, and Lazy Lemon [McKenzie's Choice]

I've been on a Summer Shandy kick, so the Lazy Lemon definitely hits the spot.

Even if you're a macho-man beer drinker aka you think you're the bee's knees because you drink piss Corona, McKenzie's is a delightful change of taste for one's tastebuds!

You make me say, oh a-oh oh, a-oh oh oh oh!

Mezzo: Cola küsst orange aka Cola & orange mixed soda from Deutschland.

Sadly, a few cookies has become an acceptable meal for me in recent weeks, albeit the soda was a rare occasion.

Avocados mmmmm. I feel so grownup now!

Okay, I just like the taste and am definitely not cool [or I guess, not cool] enough to just like them for a fad. They're pretty dang delicious and they make a great face when paired with a banana in a bowl.

I'll be a real hipster when I eat kale, but for now, my less-refined self shall divulge in spinach or the lowly and nearly-forgotten lettuce.

Family portrait of this evening's guests....okay, maybe I'm just endorsing McKenzie's yet again because I find it so crisp and delish on my tongue. The fancy, cheap 12-bottle fun pack comes with 4 delectable flavors to meet the needs of many fickle friends!

Off to enjoy an ice-cold bottle and plow through some more of my library books. Currently reading If I Stay at the moment before divulging into Beautiful Darkness.

I shall leave you with this beauty....not because I'm heartless, but because good riddance to any jackass poaching creatures.

Animal Kingdom 1
Jackasses of the world 0

This, my friends, does not begin to tip the scale of inhumane injustice by any means, but small victories are still wins.

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