Sunday, June 28, 2015

Party of 1 in Loserville

One seems to be the typical number of heads in the parties I attend anymore. By party, I mean dancing in my dreams as I attempt to catch up on much needed sleep in order to combat this sleep deprived body fueled by Monster and Rockstar.

I comfort myself into thinking they're not all that bad as they are sugar-free, but it's only a matter of time before my body catches on and refuses to accept this substitute for a full night's amount of rest.

Tree leaves in only a few short days before he embarks on a journey with his band to magical faerylands [I don't like the modernized "fairy" spelling]. For more details on the talented hotties, visit herehere, or here. In all honesty, the band is leaving soon and as ecstatic I am for them and as wonderfully life-altering this band tour may prove to be, I'm still going to be a supportive yet slightly saddened...

On the plus side, I'm likely to be accumulating significant overtime so perfect timing! Win-win: keeping busy, making money whilst doing so, and keeping my mind preoccupied whilst the Tree is wooing crowds and shaking his beautiful rump on various stages around the East Coast.

I've been a lame-o in the sense that I've hardly traveled and June is nearly depleted, but I have a few trips up my sleeve, just you wait. Oh! and I've spent some quality time with kittens too cute for their own good...

Sleep, snuggles, work, and reading. How I spend my days anymore.

Jax being a perfect little cuddly tease.

Max making my maladies feel alllll better with tummy rubs.

Jax: at least I look good for this selfie.

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