Friday, July 3, 2015

All about that bass (& treble)

Yeeaaah, it's pretty clear, I'm not a size 2, but I can *shake it shake it* like I'm supposed to do.

Body image and weight. Two difficult subjects for me, but the more I hear this catchy song and begrudgingly sing along, the more it makes me think....and further dislike the message.

Time to come clean. I'm not a size 2. I tried on a new polka dot dress today and I'm not a size 4 either.

I'm back to a size 0, but sometimes I'm a 2 as well...I'm also a UK6 or UK8 because I refuse to give up some clothes I had bought in London when I was a little heavier. Sometimes I'm an XS, or other days, a S or M. Sometimes I need a L to fit my bosoomas, which is the case when I feel inclined to shop for a bikini top.

Point being, the number on the clothes is a good indicator so you can more easily identify clothes to try on and/or buy, but it's not the defining indicator of your being or the quality of your body. Brands come in different shapes and do not seem to follow a standard when it comes to sizing, so it's all a huge guess game anyways.

If the clothes look great, feel great, and more importantly, make you feel great on the inside, then wear them and wear them proudly.

{Speaking of which....}

Salvation Army find: Anne Klein, size S
Brand new with tags $68 | I paid: $4

Salvation Army find: Anne Klein, size 8
Like-new | paid $3

Lace up your shoes and tackle life on.
Salvation Army find: White House, Black Market heels, size 6
Like-new | paid $5
"All About that Bass," on the surface, is about body acceptance, but is the opposite of fat-shaming. Hating on any body shape is despicable and skinny-shaming is no exception. Health is a factor, obviously, but when health becomes affected, someone's weight shouldn't be combated with hate, but tended to with love, care, and support.

I know, I know, I'm a bit behind the pop genre and the song's "old," but it's been settling on my mind for quite some time. Putting down one group in order to pull up another? Not about that unkind life.

I love Megan Trainor, but fuck this song....fuck the song's meaning, anyways, because I sure as heck would be lying if I said I wouldn't sing along simply for the melody.

It's catchy, okay?

And for the record, a size 0 can have a booty, and a size 8 can have a pancake ass. Bottom line: both are pretty darn great.

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