Thursday, July 9, 2015

Grief is a shared feeling

In essence, we do, indeed, find solace in shared sad times. Misery loves company not to keep those depressed feelings going by feeding off of one another, but to share the burden which grief brings, to shoulder one another's pain in order to stay afloat when times get rough.

Keep your chin up; you're not alone, dear friends.

Still contemplating why we're more accepting of an older person, 80+ beautiful years young, passing than a someone with fewer years of life experience. A loss of life, even at such a wiser age level, is still a sad parting from the world. A vibrant spirit puff into the atmosphere, never to walk barefoot in the soft grass again. I've always found it fascinating how the human mind works in order to comfort loss and sadness...

Perhaps this is why I quite enjoy my "sad music." It offers comfort and that raw emotion to any sort of feeling....specifically appealing to the notion that we are not alone, no matter how lonely we may feel at various stages of our lives.

Currently adding music to my iTunes library and enjoying the sunshine while I long for my commute to work if only to listen to George Ezra's croons.

Beautiful man, beautiful tunes.

Current mood, as modeled by Jax:

Deviance with a touch of longing to have what I want....Jax just wants the faucet to run and I long for confirmation from the Tree that he and the guys haven't died out on the road.

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