Sunday, July 12, 2015

Work to live, or live to work?

As a busy, busy work week looms ahead, I'm excited yet also a bit scared for the opportunities and more responsibility which it shall entail.

A workaholic pretty much my whole life [studies in place of a job during middle/high school years], I love to be kept busy with challenges behind every door.... but we also have remind ourselves to take a break sometimes before we crash and burn, remembering to listen to our bodies when they've had enough for the time being.

Currently having difficulty with this as I strive to prove myself worthy of my position of being in charge and hope to gain more respect as I continue to do so...

On the plus side, I have the freedom to dress how I'd like - as long as it's business-appropriate, of course.

Wear what makes you happy; for me, it's polka dots!

Just a typical dinner pour moi.....working on my energy drink habit, perhaps this is the reason for my feelings of fatigue lately...

Ironically, I'm trying to lose weight. In order to achieve this, i don't rely on silly fad diets, but rather eat when I remember and that whole concept of remembering things on the periphery, those not pertaining to work, is rather difficult.

"Dieting" issue solved.

On my off days, I spend them getting really excited when I receive a hand-written letter from my BFF.

She began our little pen-pal activity and we've been keeping it wrong. It's so lovely to receive in the mail and to write back!!!

Why do we [as a collective population] write letters as much? Why has technology caused this to become so superfluous? The love and thoughtfulness of writing a letter and reading's an incredible high. And yes, I love my friends, quite ardently.

They say to stop and smell the roses....well, I love to smell the grass from time to time [while maintaining a nice barrier between my body and the actual grass due to allergic reactions].

This guy.

Spending time with him has made my day in the extreme.

Cats are happiness to me.

And these are a few of my favorite things. keep me sane when life is hectic and overbearing at times, no matter how happy we are do what is asked of us.

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