Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sadness is worse when...

....you know the root of the cause.

....you're perfectly content with all but this one integral part of your life.

....you don't know how to rectify it.

....you're scared it will never be fixed.

But a nice new pair of shoes can fix this, mais non?

Thank you, Shop Priceless for the free gift with purchase!!

I've been looking for this style of shoes since i was in the beautiful and fashion-forward city of London! $35 is a LOT better than $150!

Monday blues are cast aside momentarily when there is much work to be done and a killer outfit in which to accomplish this.

Lingering fragments of the depression I've been dealing with for quite some time crop up from time to time when I have a chance to collect my thoughts and just think.

Being busy at work allows me to focus my energy in a positive way, leaving just enough free time to think happy thoughts and of the wonderful people, opportunities, and future events, and sparing the barest minimum to dwell on the self-doubt or other demons inside...

But then the flood gate is released, much like a kragen, to flood my mind with those self-depreciating thoughts which nit-pick at my shortcomings and fears.

Hurray for friends who keep me grounded and snuggles with Mr. Hippy and Harry the Cat.

Hurray for this owl!

Try to tickle me, though, and it will end with disappointment as I am not ticklish in the least.

But I will tickle back if someone attempts.


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