Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's in a name: Lincoln

My Fajer came up to visit for a time Sunday night through Wednesday afternoon since I was able to finagle my schedule as such after working 12 days in a row. Work hard, get a well-deserved break!

A stop to the new Visitors' Center was a must-see! Despite the humidity, Fajer was a trooper and stuck with his jeans and riding boots.

Oh, the treasures you find walking around this little enchanted town...I had been here a few weeks ago and last summer for a day trip and discovered even more wondrous charms.

The battlefields are extensive - as was the 3-day battle which took place here, killing 51,000+ soldiers and 1 civilian. A hallowed place indeed, strewn with memorial pieces such as this canon replica.

Jennie Wade, the only civilian to be killed during the 3-day blood bath.
I could have sworn this dummy was breathing......I saw the chest rise!!

There's a myth that if an unmarried woman sticks her left ring finger in the door through which Jennie was shot, she'll be engaged or married within a year.

I don't take such radical risks and thus did not partake in that risky business....

Bucket list item: ghost tour!

Our tour guide was fantastic! I accidentally tripped him in the attic of the Farnsworth House, but he was a good sport about it.

Macabre little building with 100+ bullet holes piercing its side.

Train station long abandoned and preserved...oh, how I miss the English train!

Obligatory tourist in hotel cheese-tastic picture.

Fajer and I booked a double at the EconoLodge. Quite a nice little place for all the longer we needed it. A hot shower with soap and shampoo is always warmly {no pun intended} welcomed after a humid, gritty day traipsing up and down the dusty streets of town.

Buchanan creeped me out at the Hall of Presidents and First Ladies.

I'm looking forward to the day they have to modify the recorded dialogue to reflect our first FEMALE President.

Many of these men wouldn't have been half as great as they were without the help of the tenacious women by their sides, granting them wisdom and sensible action plans ;)

After the sightseeing in Gettysburg, Fajer and I met up with my sis for our favorite place - Houlihan's! A whole pitcher of raspberry Long Island ice tea to me, yes please. Great time to catch up as we haven't had much time together, my Fajer and I. As he gets older, I've come to realize my superhero isn't invincible and time is precious, so more adventures to unfold!

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