Thursday, July 16, 2015

InstaFamous and Social Validation

Instagram and the ability to tap into its secrets of achieving high success in terms of Followers and Favorites is one of chance and fortune.... unless you have animals. Cute kittens and puppies are a darn-near guarantee of Awww's and hearts.

Imagine my surprise {said in a breezy French accent, no less} when my outfit achieved such high prestige amongst the Insta-world! And thank you to Shop Priceless for contributing to said popularity!

Favorite flannel aside from Lovely's shirts...
+ high-waisted jeans + new platforms

On that reflecting on this generation and the ever-increasing usage of social media platforms, isn't it fascinating how much emphasis we place on the number of Likes, Favorites, Followers, Friends, etc. we have on these various virtual places in which to place our thoughts, images, likenesses, and a piece of our soul we would like the world to perceive as an extension of our persona?

This "social validation" has become more and more integrated into our systems... oh no, the boy I like didn't comment on my new profile pic | my best friend didn't like the link I posted on her wall 2 seconds after posted | no one thought my joke was clever...

An endless stream of thoughts regarding whether or not someone saw a particular post and also, how many. I admit, I'm guilty of checking to see if there was a lot of feedback. I'm making a point of sharing the happy moments but also to experience so many more, putting the camera down to witness the joyous unfolding of life.

For now, I will revel a bit in my so-called new-found 'popularity' on Instagram ;)

Second time I've been featured on a popular site...mind-boggling for a small town nerdy girl.

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