Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Army Strong

Fajer/daughter moments are quite important to me, especially since I've pretty much moved out of my parents' place, using my old bedroom as a storage unit for the shit stuff I can't fit into my current digs yet cannot toss....yet. My nostalgic hoarding issue is actually improving, thank you very much.

My Fajer and I spent our last day on our mini vacation together at the Army Center in Carlisle. Wow.

They had me at sharp shooter simulation, albeit the damn thing shot high and compensating proved quite difficult, even for a missy who has inherited her father's gun expertise *ahem*

Re-created WWI trenches....holy cow.

This place was quite aw-inspiring with its simulations and replicas which grants its visitors better insight on what our heroic men and women have and are doing for this country.

Yes, I'm a proud supporter of our militia. Orders may not always be the best, but those men and women deserve major {no pun intended} props for what they sacrifice for this country.

What better way to end our Fajer/daughter date than a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings for beer and burgers? ;)

We didn't quite make it to Troegs for the beer tour as Tree and I had taken way back in March or so....but we have ample time for more adventures!

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