Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nolan Neal shared his Sante Fe wontons with me

Small Town Titans are still on tour and I'm still fan-girling from a distance as these sweet dudes rock their asses and break hearts onstage...

Soon they shall be home {for a few weeks anyways}

Good night at the show - Hagerstown, MD knew how to party hard and stir things up. I was lucky enough to be able to catch the show and stay with some kind folks in West Virginia.

Ladies and gentlemen, Nolan Neal!! He's breaking loose with his solo music and dayuuuum. The man has some pipes! His lovely croons kept ringing in my head - he even played/sang Better than Me from his time with Hinder.

Hinder is missing out on his sick vibes.

Nolan and I became quick friends; he even shared his Sante Fe wontons {as noted in the quirky post title}

Quite the jokester, he didn't stop at my looks!
{little quip about me being too hot to refuse a picture}
I picked cheese off of his shirt and he smoothed my hair - total teamwork for the picture.

So much love for this butthole.

Benjamin plays a mean lead guitar and is a pro at the loop pedal for his solo work. He can even lay a few good punches....sometimes.

Missing this guy and our forever love/hate friendship. After all, "F" is for friends who do stuff together...."U" is for Uranium bombs. Yin and Yang. 

Best damn merch guy/bodyguard/assistant driver/friend/teddy bear.

Matty Bear and I had a good night - he had me earning my keep by watching the merch table for him and I posed like a goonie little sister by him.

Then there's this guy.... KICK ASS lead singer and bassist.

His talent continues to astound me and I'm so thankful to consider him one of my best friends. Can't wait for him to get back, albeit I'm enjoying the excuse to catsit the furball children at his place...

Good times had by all.

Small Town Titans and Artifas

My dual life as a rocker girl and badass boss.

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