Thursday, August 6, 2015

Small Town Adventures

Back to the promise land aka that small town I call home...where Mummy makes the best food in the world and every street holds a memory close to my heart, an etching upon my very soul.

Every annual C***** County Fair is jam-packed with firetrucks. It is the Firemen's Parade....who would have guessed?!

Therefore, they ensure half of the parade is comprised of firetrucks so there is no confusing as to who is sponsoring and killing the environment for the sake of jogging memories.

The firemen are heroes in my opinion. It's the top management who have no brains... Ironic coming from a management position myself. Perhaps this is from where I grant myself some expertise in the matter.

Or it's just all bullshit and I'm sick of the pollution ;)

This lovely shared fireworks with me. Shana and I practically grew up together and it's wild...the two of us are growing up and going off in different directions, yet remain as thick as thieves.

This girl is going to be a film star, on and off the camera! She has quite the eye for theatrics!

Disappointment wrapped in a thin crust....this "crêpe" only made me miss France even more :(

However, a trip to the county fair wouldn't be complete without stuffing one's face with county fair food!

This beautiful man was in town and I had the lucky chance of spending time with him and his equally delicious significant other! JoshUa + Logan = forever

Yes, I'm taking it back to middle school with the love equations...which is when JoshUa and I started our wonderful friendship.

Theory of a Deadman.

Need I say more?

Beer in my hand at a rock show.

I had never felt more comfortable.

....although having a drunk woman pull my skirt up is definitely a first.

That intro....yaaaaasss, I'm a bad, bad girlfriend.

Good tunes, good drinks, good people.

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