Saturday, August 22, 2015


The Titans are back in town are tearing up a storm.

Thank goodness I have a great team at work which meant I was able to make sure they were set up for the rest of the shift and leave early to see Tree and the guys rock their talented asses up on stage.

I'm not really a rocker chick....I'd be an impostor {a terrible one at that} if I claimed to be...but these guys. Da-yum.

They put me into that groove and make me wanna shake my behind like I just don't care {which I don't, 99.99% of the time}.

It may also help that they're pretty badass, yet sweet, guys.

Jonny and his Beyoncé fan - may I have one to just follow me around wherever I go so I'm always ready for a photo op??

....not that I have many opportunities for a decent photo, but I just might if I had a fan holder following me around, or one that floating around on a droid.

{Xmas ideas, people. Never too early.}

Lovely Benjamin was pantsed and it was fantastic.

Rock 'n' Roll, bitches.

....yeah, I'll stop.

Jonny's sister is pretty rad!

I decided to rock my new Pikachu shirt - major props from many people for repping one of the brattiest Pokémon ever.

Perhaps my younger readers may not get the reference - play Yellow Version and you'll see just what a little stubborn fuck insolent asshole cheeky fellow this guy is. Hmm that may be his appeal, too.

The dude's an icon and a symbol of my childhood. My inner 10yo self was cheering and doing backflops {let's be real, I can't do backflips} inside.

No matter what type of music you enjoy, I highly recommend seeing a few of your bands in person {if at all possible}. That experience....seeing them play IRL is such a magical moment, whether you're seeing them for the first time or 20th, in a large arena or private venue..

Support live music and enjoy all of the feels.

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