Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cuddles with the bottle

Tonight I had an opportunity to spend an evening with great friends, eating veggie pizza and swimming! I believe the last time I wore a bathing suit in public was with Lovely....aka quite some time ago.

After the chlorine and horror film-filled night with fwends, I'm cat sitting, which entails snuggling with Max and Jax while sharing a 6-pack variety pack with me, myself, and I.

No complaints here...tonight I have it so rough with the ale and cats, snuggled in an oversize flannel button-down.

I was also able to Skype with the rock star Tree whilst he's out on the road, pursuing his wildest dreams. That, my friends, is quite admirable. How many people can so vivaciously chase their ambitions, transforming their dreams into their realities?

Tree, Drummer Extraordinaire, and the Pantless one are doing it - first tour underway and expanding their brand. Along with their good mate, the Teddy Bear, is along with them, for moral support, additional driver, and {if needed} bodyguard.

I quite admire these guys and all they're doing. It's a hard world out shit, Sherlock. But hard work does pay off - these dudes are proof of it.

My hard work is being balanced with cat snuggles as I progress in my own professional career.

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