Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lovely Made New Friends!

Lovely and I went to the park...our place of habit but then again, humans rather are creatures of habit.

Earrings from NYC street vendor, American Rag floral shirt,
Rue 21 shorts redone by me, Tommy Hilfiger ankle socks,
vintage yellow wedges

 It felt like a day for colors...bright shorts...bright shoes...floral top...why not?!
Oh, and two middle school girls laughed at us...after they had been yelling profanity down the street. Now, who has problems? I guess if I looked like them we could be best friends. I'm just not cool, guys! Oh, to be in middle school again...certainly do not miss those awkward, and annoying, years.

Lovely and I recently watched Hancock and I've taken a liking to his "smile."

And off to the pier...

They seemed to be everywhere...poor things were probably hungry and Lovely was feeling lonely. He fits right in! Tropical shirt looks very nice :)

He found a friend after all....definitely a keeper

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