Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Saturday Sunshine!

It is quite a lovely day out! I spent mine cleaning...blah. Have you ever tried cleaning Jell-o (strawberry, no less) out of a car? Not a pleasant experience...having cleaned that out and to find, what else, but gum stuck to the other side. Disgusting...leaving a trail from the corner of the floor to the door and under it.

But aside from all of that grossness, it has been quite a nice Saturday! I whipped out my new highwaisted polka dot shorts! ...and found out my hair is long enough to put in a small ponytail. These locks grow quite fervently...

Why, yes, I'm quite thrilled it's the weekend!

Vintage earrings, Secondhand Serenade t-shirt, vintage Bison Power pin (who says I don't have school spirit? ...oh, wait, I did...oops!), Almost Famous polka dot shorts, black flats from Sears, and vintage shoe clip-ons (├╝ber cool!)

Absolutely love highwaisted shorts...coming from a
girl who wouldn't even wear jeans when she was little!

Clip-ons for one's shoes...they're so pretty!

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