Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Short Day

Due to power outage, we found ourselves out of work early today! Twas quite exciting...a great Hump Day prezzie!

Despite the heat, I still insist upon wearing longer sleeves after work. I'm not sure why that is but it surely seems that way. Maybe I'm just a rebel against the heat...but it's more along the lines of: I'll wear what I want when I want. Not to take me as being conceded. No, no, no. I simply throw on something if that is for what I'm in the mood, whether it be a furry purse or long sleeve shirt or 5 layers of shorts with pants.

Today I decided on 3/4 length sleeves! It's not too bad outside...a bit nippy inside...

I ♥ Steve Madden shoes

Quite frankly, this hat is awesome.

Vintage sequin hat, Hot Topic necklace, for the republic lace top,
Old Navy polka dot shorts, vintage polka dot purse,
Steve Madden shoes
Hoping to see my Lovely tonight...

*hint hint*
*wink wink*
*nudge nudge*

As for the countdown until college...21 days of work left and 31 til move in :)

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