Thursday, July 28, 2011

Favorite Day of the Week....again!

This seems to happen quite frequently during the's Thursday, my favorite day of the week!

Out of excitement, today at work I ran into a metal track used for holding orders as they wait to be packed by diligent workers...ahem diligent, but obvious clumsy (at least I seem to be). It has to be due to the fact I had flat shoes definitely would not have occurred if I had be Katy Perry shoes!

Oh well...I'll just wear them today instead.
And my bruise looks like a bluish purple dinosaur is holding a red machine gun...texture and 3D effect included in the picture. It started swelling within minutes; quite impressive injury!

80s earrings, 75th anniversary of wrestling watch,
energy white tank, Old Navy striped tank, Bullhead skinnies,
madden girl (dubbed my Katy Perry) heels
 A nice day to wear has finally rained!
Tactfully showing off one of my numberous bruises! No...I am not beat! Not always so careful at work...those boxes will get you when you're not looking!

 No need to buy 80s inspired my older sister would say, our mummy was a "happenin' 80s mom".

This cute little purse was found when I decided to clean...yes, actually clean! ...or rather raided my room and the things I'm 'temporarily' storing in my sister's room due to overflow in mine. would think that would point out I need to get rid of a few things...I'm working on it, I promise!

Tonight seems like a lovely night for Sims, Cosmo mag, and maybe a bit of reading. Not necessarily in that order or I'll never get past the first one in the list haha :)

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