Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Working Girl

As of today...I am officially employed :)
After a nice refreshing shower (work is sweltering and leaves one feeling a bit grimy and ripe), I was in a 50s mood. I generally just throw on whatever I'm feeling...isn't that what a personal style is all about?

My favorite skinnies...Old Navy sweetheart fit (holes earned through labor), Old Navy woman's button-up, Mudd bustier, cheapie belt I found somewhere along the line, Yoki heels, and beautiful Danbury Mint cat necklace...recent graduation present

I only tucked in my button-up in the front...again, just what I was feeling when I threw it all together

Oh, and for those who are loyal Glamour subscribers, Heidi Klum was on the cover...
I loved her one quote: I wear what I like. I'm open for criticism. I don't care!

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