Friday, July 6, 2012

feelin' hot hot hot

It is mighty warm....meh.

Buuuut here are one of the things i bought on my shopping trip with Sissy...technically two of the things. I fell victim to Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual. What girl can say "no" to pretty bras in their size? Unfortunately, i can't buy all those cute little ones from Aerie [dang's like a slap in the face every time they send a text alert saying their bras are on sale].

I remember those days when Victoria's Secret overwhelmed me and the idea of wearing anything other than a sports bra was absolutely terrifying....oh, those awkward years hahaha

Hmmm....did not realize my pj shorts were chillin' on my tank from PacSun!!

This is what happens when my Sissy walks into my room as i'm taking pics.

Sissy got her giant blue freeze pop!

I'm iron was again way too low to donate blood :(

Oh, well.....

Lovely is over and that's all that matters :D

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