Monday, July 9, 2012

Honesty is the best policy.

Jon Lajoie says it best.

 Highly inappropriate but what if we were this honest? Hmmm....maybe not so offensive, but we all think "terrible" things at one point or another.

 Hahahaha great "dating service" commercial. And my name is in this commercial. Unfortunately, i'm not that Jillian :(  I love my Fajer, but could you imagine Jon Lajoie as your father? Hysterical.

Lovely and i are going to hang out tonight and watch movies....wearing my Me Gusta DIY t-shirt and sequin shorts. Tonight i feel like being lazy because i'm rather tired...

Yesterday, my Mum re-dyed my hair, though :)

top: Charlotte Russe; bra: VS [ok, slight VS addiction]; jeggings: Gap

I think it came out pretty well...

Listening to inappropriate Jon Lajoie videos. "Inappropriate" seems to be the word of the night...i think i'm scaring my parentals with my loud laughter...

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