Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She's the girl that no one ever knows...

We the Kings!!

They're one of my favorite bands....and Lovely and i got to see them again at Warped Tour 2012! 3 1/2 drive to Buffalo, NY was a bit long, especially so early in the morning...but worth it.

Yes, i'm a bad girl. I took off work to go to Warped Tour.

I am a sleepy bunny after all that...Lovely let me sleep on the way home. We made it home around midnight or so and we both took showers [at our respective houses] then fell much fun as it was, that shower felt pretty damn great. I prefer my peppermint twist bodywash to other people's bodily fluids [sweat, i hope....cringing at the thought of anything else].

Soooo much fun. But sooo sleepy.

Breathe Carolina was pretty good...especially since it was on the main stage and therefore had seating and shade. Saw a few others, got a weird tan, and sweated like cwazy. Ah.....

Officially a VS Angel VIP now! Hmmm....maybe this should tell me something about my spending habits....i just like nice undergarments. No judgment for that.

As soon as Lovely is done eating, it'll be time to see The Three Musketeers and snuggle...which seems contradictory as it is an action movie but we're both fairly spent. Both of us woke up niiiiiiace and early for work this morning ;)

Here is my Vans trucker hat. I don't think i'm cool enough to get away with such an accessory...

7 is a magical number.

Please forgive my scary eyebrows. They're a bit overwhelming atm and these pics have just informed me of that.

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