Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Don't knock it 'til you try it."

.....mac'n'cheese with fresh cut garden tomatoes. Mmmmmm my mummy made some this weekend so that shall be my lunch tomorrow. Cold. Absolutely delish.

The dinner of champions: cold spaghetti-o's straight out of the can. I swear i'm civilized....simply wish to be more efficient with resources...water for dishes, electricity from microwave/stove....and time saved having to do all those things! And they taste pretty dang good that way. bum survived the multiple hours in the car and i managed to not get carsick as i usually do! That is quite the feat. Dramamine is my best friend, albeit i [unsurprisingly] forgot to take some along with me.

I took Pokémon [Soul Silver, for those of you who know your Pokémon] in the car! Those damn Legendaries had me ragin' a little whilst i hunted them down relentlessly. Before, i could hardly care but for some reason....i felt the urge to capture them.

I've never been to Cedar Point, but it was soooo much fun! My calves are a bit sore from running around and i have a few bumps and bruises but that's all part of the fun. Naturally, we rode ALL of the coasters :D :D

And i caught a few stills of Lake pretty:

Lovely. Looking BA as usual.

I'm not quite sure the reason for my fascination with taking Lovely's picture whilst he is driving....but isn't he darling? I think the weird song i was making up and singing made his lose his smile....i warned him in the lyrics that it was dumb.

Future European car!! oh-my-Giddeons. I get excited every time i see one....they are adorable and they can drive fast -_-  this one actually passed us and we were going....well, they were going much faster.

My poor burnt Nase....nose. Yes, i realize now that you can see a hint of skin through my shirt...but it's all in good taste. I had my swimsuit top underneath bc we were planning on going to the water park today but chose to drive home instead. Not complaining....i'm pooped.

Received that nice bruise from work. Oh, KB battle wounds....comes with the perks of working there.


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