Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TIght pants, bowtie, and a blazer

Row 5, baby!!

Ryan from Hot Chelle Rae rocking this look at tonight's concert:

Lovely was the one who realized it....but the bass guitarist above was walking around fair last night and we kinda ran into him in the passing-by-really-close-to-a-stranger-in-a-cramped-area way. ......oooooooooh

Dress: Forever 21; clutch: Betsey Johnson; heels: ALDO

Originally planned outfit....sorry, Lovely. Those heels worked well at the football game i attended during fall break but not for this type of concert....ok, perhaps i was a tad overdressed. Should have worn pants....twas nippy noodles afterwards.

Warning: do not take me to a legit rock concert as you will be either embarassed or shanked. Or both. I'm not so rock-n-roll....

The concert was pretty great! Lovely and i arrived and walked around for a bit beforehand....seeing people we love to see and others we would rather not.

What living in a small town has taught me [as well as living away from small town]:
  • One never does become accustomed to the smell of cow poo. It is disgusting.
  • High school really is the best four years of many people's lives...it is sad.
  • Along with that, some people never grow out of high school...let the past be.
  • Everyone knows everyone's business. . . .or rather, thinks they do.
Hmmm....in correlation with my past posts on honesty, i find myself to be fairly honest with my opinions. I'm not always right, and i'll admit that. I told Lovely just tonight he was right on a matter. He is right that many people are irrelevant to my life now. They were mean, i didn't stoop to their level; i've moved on, they're stuck in the past, therefore irrelevant. I'm not going to sugar-coat things nor will i spread nasty rumors.

I'm strong-willed, sharped-tongued. But in general i try to be a nice person. I wish that everyone would make a conscious effort to simply be a nicer person. I'm not a hippie, but why make everyone else's life miserable just for fun? That doesn't sound like my cup o' tea.

....speaking of fun. 5th row at Hot Chelle Rae concert, anyone?! I was super excited haha and most of the attendees were shorter than we so we could see pretty well!!

Hmmm seem to have lost count of how many concerts i've attended this year. No, no, no, please don't think me bragging....i've never been out this much haha maybe i'll actually be cool someday. Pretty sure my 10year old self was cooler than i am...Having Pok√©mon at this age made you a hero.

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