Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Madness

Lovely came over to go see our high school and middle school bands in the fair parade....oh dear....perhaps i can only say this because i was in band, but those lines! Goodness! They were not straight. And our band is known for its straight lines and neat roll-stepping. HS bandfront looked niiiiiiiiiiiiice, though.

Kicked my butt today after work.

Dear legs, you better hurt. You better be prepared for more. You are going to like it. That muscle won't tone itself. Love, me.

Lovely and i went to fair for dessert....mmmmm chocolate covered banana. I let myself indulge a little bit. Wish i had known there was chocolate in my teeth before this :P

Dress: AE; clutch: Betsey Johnson; shoes: Keds

Simple summer sweetness.

Have a lovel-E night. Heading to bed, workout, then Hot Chelle Rae concert tomorrow!

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