Friday, June 29, 2012

Judge us not equally.

So....the movie....Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

*spoiler alert*
It was a pretty good movie, full of sweet CG, similar to Sherlock Holmes [and forgive me if they happen to have the same people working on them and i am ignorant of something of this nature], and ok plot. Dammit....why can't Hollywood stick to the book?! I know they're after the biggest amount they can bring in, but vengence as a motivator is so cliché in movies. Abe in the book [the original source of the vampire side-story, mind you] swears to vanquish every vampire in the states. A different aspect all together.

I liked the book and movie separately, but, alas, thought the book much better.

Abe in the book used common sense. Abe in the movie was a bit dumb sometimes...."Henry, you're one of them!" Honestly....are you a moron? And who is this Adam?! ok, ok....perhaps i shouldn't judge so harshly and perhaps i should just not have any expectations when a book is made into a movie...

Don't get me wrong, the action in the film was pretty sweet and the vampires' facial expressions and creepy fangs were nicely done and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie in itself, but compared to the book.....well, guess that opinion has been expressed.

They did use a few lines, word for word, from the book. That made me happy.

It feels so nice getting dolled up to go somewhere special....i've missed curling my hair. It looked nice in the morning but it had to go up since it's super hott at work and i hate having sweaty hair on my nape. ew. And i'd rather not get it all dirty....even though i shower after work, it gets damaged enough without all the nasty dust from the shelves!

Dress: Charlotte Russe; assorted bracelets; childhood purse; necklace from Lovely

I feel good.....started running after work every day, at least 2-3 miles. Dang. I'm not my tiny old self but you know what? I'm ok with that. Look at those legs...they're hot. I have abs. I'm not cocky; i'm just trying to get in some body-lovin' for the day.

I think i have ice cream in my hair. This is new... all i wanted to do was sit around and be a fat kid eating ice cream. That's what i texted my sister.

It's been a long week.....and i need to clean this dang ice cream out of my hair. How does this even happen?

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