Saturday, June 23, 2012

Be Brave

My belly is full and BFF Heidi and i went out tonight to catch a movie and enjoy some ice cream afterwards.

Look, i made my bed! It looks nice! .....i have way too many pillows, though. I had a killer headache so after changing my sheets, i re-made the bed, grabbed two of my pillows from the massive pile on the floor, and promptly curled up for a nap.

My bed seemed so much larger without all of the others....not sure why i need more space, though, since i curl up in my sleep like a cat.

I have a twin bed and my little cousin once told me it was "small." I replied, "it fits me and that's all that matters." And i may have stuck my tongue out at her like a total little kid :P it's comfy....that's what matters :)

It has cooled off quite a, i'm not that crazy person who wears pants in 90 degree weather. I accidently broke my purse strap right before i went out the door :(  I'll be doing some mending tomorrow...hearing the little beads hit the floor at the theatre caused quite a few winces from my part.

Lace top: AE; white tank: Old Navy; skinnies: HotTopic; purse: b-day prezzie from elementary school

c/o IMBd
Miss Heidi and i went to see Disney Pixar's Brave!! Heidi is also a redhead so it seemed fitting lol. The movie was, well to be vague/accurate, soo good!! I love Disney movies *allowance for eyeroll at me for being such a girl*

I love girls who kick ass. Merida is the heroine and i love movies in which there are female's common in some of my favorite movies: Mulan, Quest for Camelot...yes, i love Disney princesses as well, albeit they're often made into some wench who needs her ass saved.

So....wrapping things up, movie was great! Can't wait to go see Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Lovely. *hint hint*

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