Monday, June 11, 2012

Wild Ones

Using Lovely's laptop for a quick update before tacos!

Visited another part of the Outer Banks to see some wild horses and swim in the ocean! The waves were aMAZing! Fell a few times....and was buffeted quite often but that's the fun of the beach. Oh, and scraped the bottom of my bottom. ouch. Luckily, i wasn't eaten by a shark. I may watch too many movies and be slightly paranoid about anything that may attract them.....

Lovely and i are having a niiiiice relax before dinner.

I'm loving my vacay albeit a bit bothered by the fact i must leave my Mum behind.....i feel as though i'm repeating myself from the previous post. Hmmm.....

The sunshine is beautiful. I don't ever want to leave :(

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine wherever you may find yourself on this lovel-E day.

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