Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part II

Breaking Dawn trailor is out now! ....i may be a few days late/out of the loop but i just heard about this c/o Seventeen magazine.

Last night, Lovely and i went on a date....ate out at the new little sub/pizza shop, Quickies, that opened in our "mall," went for frozen custard at Meadows, and went back to Lovely's to watch The Human Centipede 2. I'm fairly certain this one was worse than the first....

I find it's a bit of an ego-boost when you can still fit into something from the girls' section....this Old Navy skirt was part of one of my Easter outfits in middle school. I double-checked the size before slipping it on, a bit hesitant that i could squeeze my buns into a girls' 14.

Naturally, i had forgotten about the pics i had taken on Sunday right before church until i plugged my camera in to upload new pics....i thought it was hot  (temperature-wise) on Sunday.

new shirt from Piperlime! c/o a b-day giftcard from my aunt&uncle

Hmmm.....whilst on Pinterest (one of my favorite online things to do btw) i came across this reading list. I've read many of them! Inner geek jumping up&down with feeling of pride/accomplishment. How many have you read?

And speaking of books....i read a few at the beach! Between soaking up rays, staying inside bc of the wicked winds, and the car-ride home, i read:
....and started re-reading P.S. I Love You for kicks. I have a few more books i'd like to read as well. Definitely not continuing with the Fifty Shades trilogy...honestly, the book sounded as though it was taken from the hidden fantasy diary of a teenage girl. Buuuuuuuut i was curious. Meh.

Sure, sex is a natural thing in life and we can't ignore it and pretend, put simply, "shit doesn't happen," but the way they go into the story.....well, it's easy to tell it's fiction.

It's 6:30 and i'm sleepy already....what is this?!

The heat is getting to tootsies need to rest. Hmmmm a nice foot soak would be lovely, especially with this pesky brushburn on the top of my foot that is irritated by my clunky steel-toed beauties i must don at work.

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