Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mon coeur bats pour toi

Today whilst traipsing around the one bookroom, searching for an item for the order i was assembling, i came across the Supervisor Restroom. Naturally, people had written on the hand-written sign that told one it was the "Supervisor Restroom." It was also "Fred's Throne Room," the "Master bathroom," and a few others which i cannot recall....that seemed to be today's entertainment at work. *giggle*

3 more days of work until the beach! ....3 more days to get my beach bod ready! ....goodness, i never thought i would have to say that. Ever been so confident in something, only to find at a later date that you have to actually work for that which you took for granted? Le grrrr....i guess some may find that with schoolwork adjusting to high school. It's not longer as easy as, literally, 1+1=2. Dang college food. Happy to say that little bit of weight i had gained [only about 8 or 9lbs] is almost gone! Woot woot! No...i did not gain the Freshman15 like i was afraid of doing....

As promised....the tank i had made. Taking this to the beach with me to wear over my suit.

"aux √Čtats-Unis ou en France, mon coeur bat pour toi."
"in the United States or in France, my heart beats for you."

my LOLz gangsta face.

The purple bracelet reads: TKE <hearts> Boobies. It was for Relay for Life....supporting breast cancer awareness. Get it? Ha ha ha. It's ok to chuckle :)

I had been wearing a certain pair of vintage earrings for the longest time.....then found i had put the others [along with a few necklaces] on my bookcase in their box. Forgetful me.....soooo i wore a-dis pair!

They're clip-ons but aren't they still pretty cool?

On a much happier note, Mummy is coming home tomorrow!!

I hope she wuvs her surprises. The best prize is a SUR-prize!! :D

Tootsies surprisingly not too sore from late run....ran about 2 1/2 hrs ago. Only ran about 35-40 mins....close to my 3 miles i fink. Rough estimate. Kick butt music keeps me going. And physical exercise makes me happy and fall asleep quickly....zzzzzzzz

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