Friday, November 30, 2012

Fancy Friday Favorites

Writing this up on my phone right now...

-Speaking German mit meinem Deutschen Professor at work :)

-Bought this hi-lo skirt a little while ago from H&M. Leopard print ftw!


-Chocolate decandance from Lebanon Farmers' Market

-Fancy Friday!! Red nails for a glam night; Lovely's shirt; denim tunic; vest with ruffles; some extra red flair; black wedges to glam up the day

-Ted is so sweet when he's sleeping....these are types of pictures I receive when I feel a little lonely at night.... oh, Ted, how I miss your cuddliness whilst I'm away....
Tonight is formal!! Lovely is coming :)
Going for retro glam tonight....vintage dress from the former Checkered Past, sweet feather cape from Nana; heels from 8th grade spring dance [one of my best investments ever], ruby lips and nails....ah yeah! haha
And Lovely has a bowtie and vest. That's my sweetheart :)
Currently feel as though I'm going to hack up a lung.
Have a lovely weekend, darlings!

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