Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pillows and Cloud

Sissy came to pick me up yesterday [after a yummy meal from the dining hall, woo-hoo to winning lots of flex $ to pay for visitors' meals!] and took me to my late birthday surprise!

We went to Ulta and their facials are amazing!! I totally recommend them! Mary Kate was great and recommended Exuviance face wash and we shall see the results after a few days. My face feels absolutely wonderful.

Brrrr no-pants Wednesday was a bit nippy noodles yesterday.

A bit messy hair....made my own peplum with a slightly oversized button-up with a belt.

New skirt from H&M!! Check out their basics section! Golden finds! SKirts for $5.95 and shirts for $4.95. Ahhhhh yeah! :)

Oh happy shopping finds with Lovely.

Today I was told I look very 80s today....went for layers today. Freezing in Humanities on Tuesdays and Thursdays....I've started wearing pants every Tuesday and Thursdays. Sometimes you must accommodate your style with your environment.

Key word: sometimes.

Eating some pasta now....nummy nummy nummy.

Enjoy this lovely chilly evening. Time to snuggle under the covers soon....

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