Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If you're happy and you know it

.....pick your nose. With a staple remover.

I love hearing stories of strange behavior and/or comments made by people which merit a "WTF?" response. Comic relief for terrible Tuesday.

Very French-inspired day! .....and I was really cold, hence the super socks over my jeggings and the boots. Brrrr layering is stylish. Use it to your advantage for these nippy noodles months ahead.

My Sissy gave me green Piggy Polish   for my birthday! Using it for my fingies instead...no big deal. Bold lip to top it off.

Details matter. Simple French braid for my bangs.  Man, I need a haircut or a trim...or something. But for now, this shall do. Also, my roots are coming in, which is not cute. I'm feeling a bold red for my next color.

Oooh la la! These boots are awesome. They were a prezzie for my birthday last year from my Nana! Uber comfy and they are not FUggs! Honestly, I hate FUggs. Or those abysmally hideous boots that look like a shapeless slipper. aka Uggs. My knock-off pair are for shoveling snow. I hate them and they are stained to show off my disdain.

Hmm I feel as though this mutual dislike between Tuesday and I is flowing onto other aspects of my life....I'm not usually such a disgruntled person. Except when I need chocolate.

Dark chocolate for the win!!

Have a lovel-E day. It'll get better tomorrow with Wednesday! Hang in there...

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