Monday, November 12, 2012

Just another manic Monday

Wish it was Sunday....actually, Sunday is just as depressing.

I hope you remembered to thank a Veteran yesterday! Yesterday was Veterans' Day, a day to remember those who've died, served, and currently are serving to protect this country and her citizens against harm. Thank you to all those Veterans. My Fajer is a Veteran and I'm quite proud of him.

Yesterday I felt like such a slob....I actually spent it in my pj's, but I was quite the busy bee with all the homework I had accomplished.

Time to study for my French exam. Joy. I'm worn out from this semester already...ready for next semester and the fun schedule I'll have! But with each day of classes done and every homework assignment/paper, I'm one day closer to London. oooooh, London. If you ever have a chance to study abroad, take it.

Today was an absolutely beautiful with a high in the mid-60s, so I took advantage of it to not wear pants! Yay to not freezing!

Hi-lo looks great with heels! Elongate those legs. I'm short, so the added height is a bonus.

Glimpse of new phone as well :) messy closets.

Details, details, details! Rough up the lace [cami underneath, of course] with some tough accents, i.e. spikes, something black, studded belt. Top off with red lips to sync it together.

Ooooh the shoes....wedges are great for walking!

Oh! I made a video today. I need some practice...please don't laugh at my ridiculously childish voice.

Going from one language to the next to the next....worked on German, typing in English now, time to study French. Oy vey. Enjoy your Monday night :)

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