Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Comatose

Part of me just wanted to stay home and eat and eat and eat delicious food all day long.

Instead, I'm back at school working on my German paper rough draft. Oh, German paper...why? Studies have shown that college students mentally check out by week 13 or so during the semester. Amen to that.

I blame it on Thanksgiving. What a tease...go home and relax for a few days, only to come back to the two weeks of major crunch time and then finals and then Xmas break. No one likes a tease, Thanksgiving.

I'm not quite sure what's on my camera atm...I should probably check that.

Today I'm bundled up in Lovely's cardi and a tank and red skinnies. Braids complete the look with minimal makeup and minimal care. I was quite the grumpy pants from my drive taking 3 1/2 hours rather than about 2 3/4. Not amused in the least...but Lovely is calling :)

Some pics from my break...

This is Ted's "I see you, you creep" face. Or maybe it's his "I don't like being alone in a room with you" face....sometimes his complex expressions can be misinterpretted.

Ted was watching the snowflakes fall...such an expressive kitty.

I've been an advocate of regaining personal space and scaring people off the unconventional way for years. I'm glad others see the efficiency of such behavior.

Retro cool in coolers

Adorable sweatshirt Sissy found on Pinterest

My thoughts on Thanksgiving and pretty much every other school break :)
Please and thank you, Mummy!