Sunday, February 19, 2017


Ted Talks - good stuff.

While I had not listened to any motivational speakers, Tree sent one that proved to be a solid need-to-hear topic: extreme ownership. In it, Jocko Willink emphasizes the importance of owning up to things even when outside of your control. Blame does nothing but pass on the torch of responsibility.

Taking ownership of the blunder can be empowering and show others that yeah, sh!t hit the fan, but it won't happen again under your watch because you will ensure it will not.

In my current position, the blame game is prevalent from one shift to another, and, I must admit, I am not entirely exempt from this, too. While impossible to implement a full 180 on attitude adjustment, I have started catching myself to think more critically of what I could have done better in my own decisions and passing on good habits to my team to instill that same sense of self-reflection in them.

Enjoy :)


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