Sunday, February 26, 2017

I think I'll go to Boston

A fitting song - takes me back to my middle school days....

A beautiful evening spent in the chilly historic city....during my first big driving tour of New England and the impromptu trip through Connecticut and Rhode Island, I still had yet to visit one of the most talked about cities in the Northeastern states {aside from the Big Apple}.

Tree and I had driven through been stuck in the Bostonian traffic en route to Salem three summers ago {has it really been that long?!} but chose to skip the city in order to make decent timing to Salem. Not quite sure Tree remembers as he had been asleep most of the time in the car while I was driving...

Lest I digress...I fell in love with the city: the lights, the harbor, that antiquated vibe from the cobblestones below the skyscrapers, beers a-plenty in a side pub nestled in a side street. If it weren't for the winter snow, I'd be tempted to spend some time here, but, alas, I am quite a baby when it comes to having to drive in the snow {perhaps a literal near-death experience could do that to someone}.

So much historical significance wrapped up in this sweet little city...

Naturally I had to get a dance in with my main squeeze, the namesake of some fine-crafted brews: Sam Adams. He and I casually spun about on the bridge near the harbor of the most famous tea party of all.

Thinking I fit in quite nicely on a street called Sleeper.

Ta-ta for now, fair city and to the legend himself.


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