Friday, December 9, 2011

Breaking Hallows

No, this is not a real movie title...wouldn't that be a strange movie? One in which Edward meets Harry? *shudder* I love the books...and R.Patz...but some things should not be mixed. was, sadly, a pants-wearing day.  White skinnies today. Decided to mix prints: polka dots and leopard print! I can't wait for my leopard print low-heeled booties! I picked them out for Xmas.

Hmm...perhaps blue tank underneath is a little too much...but leopard print was just not long enough for my pants and looked funny without something.

My poor, poor Steve Madden gold flats are falling apart. Oh, just means they've walked a lot of places. They are loved.

Cozy.... :)

Yes, faux pas with wearing no pants. No real pants, anyways...but i had worn pants long enough today....and all i wanted to do was curl was night of a movie and a candy bar.

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