Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One day...

I have one day til my first sit-down final. Nervous? Me? Nah...yes!

I would love to curl up with my, bad! Waging inner war with myself...i just want to curl up and read a book...but i'm waiting for laundry so i'll stay up to study a bit longer.

Oh info, why can't you jump into my bed via osmosis?? That would be lovely.

As G-R-oss as it may be...and totally un-ladylike *gasp* i kicked my heels off...had to get down to work...aka study.

Oh how i have missed heels...

Dear heels, i plan on wearing you on a near-daily basis at home :)

Geek it out for optimal studying!

Dressing up usually helps de-stress me...oh hyper nerves kicking in...
oooohhhmmmm breathing.

And sleep!

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