Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thirsty Thursday...

Chocolate milk tasted delicious after work....mmmm.

Cleavage Thursday celebrated with a t-shirt at work...extra dirty day at work today. Ick. Washed my hanner-pats (what my Mummy called our hands when we were growing up) several times over...they were turning grey with all the nasty dirt and dust! Stuffy nose to boot!

But in other words....

Wearing an old (no pun intended) vintage skirt...

My hair was so long in tenth grade....that was my pretty goober fifteen year old self. My bed is in the same place but it's been changed multiple times in between 5 October 2008 and now.

In other Mummy spotted my Nana's new book at a locally owned store in the neighboring town where my Nana grew up!

How cool is that?
So...I'd definitely recommend purchasing this latest book, Jebbie: Vamp to Victim, and curling up with it yourself or for someone who loves a great true life story.

Despite having read the draft, I must say I'm quite jeal that you may read the finished book before me!  Perhaps she'll lend me a copy....

Time for mini workout as I listen to the Get Him to the Greek soundtrack and some Eminem. Tschüss!

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