Saturday, December 24, 2011

Off for the Hols

Went last minute Xmas shopping tonight...well, Kurtis needed to go and i went along with him and his mummy lol. I found some very nice items, aka articles of clothing, which will be up on here as soon as I wear them.

My phone going my purse....quite startling.

 Getting home late...whipping my jacket off in haste of getting ready for bed...but I simply could not neglect taking pics.

cardi: Old navy; sequin tank: AE; black tank: Worthington

I'm all packed for Nana's...for the most part. I knew if I did not pack before going shopping my mummy would beat me. Well, not literally...but I was not permitted to go unless I was packed :(

Half wishing I had a witty/clever anecdote or something to say, but right now I'm in need of lotion for my dry hands and crackly knuckles and some sleep.

Running off to dreamland....good night, sleep tight.

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