Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...and a lump of coal for YOU, my dear!

I apologize for not keeping my promise! I had good intentions of updating last night....but Jebbie kept me up late! I simply could not put it down!

Speed suit: vintage, Checkered Past (my cousin owns the chain :] ); belt: Charlotte Russe (taken from dress)

Xmas hols were eventful to say the least! Went shopping on Friday, left for Nana's on Saturday....went to my aunt and uncle's house, where my Gramps picked us up for an LCBC service...back to my aunt and uncle's house for some dinner...back to Nana's to wind down and chat with my great-aunt. phew!

Cartoon-ed myself.

All ready in my flannel pj's for Christmas morning! I spent the whole morning in these....

Flannel pj's: Victoria's Secret

Christmas was a very good day :)

I love when the family gets together...goodness, i sound so dated! I do what I want; I say what I want.

My sistora looked gorgey as ever.

Jordan: cardi, tank, shorts, tights: Express; shoes: BCBG; et moi: pearl necklace: Joseph A. Rosi (from Nana for 16th birthday); dress/belt, tights, bracelets (shown in previous pic): Charlotte Russe; shoes: kensie girl

I got it, I got it, I got it!!

I finally finished it after work today....you haven't the foggiest idea how exceedingly antsy I was. Not only was it rather boring (since we were near the end of inventory check), but I had but 38 pages to read!!

But I finally finished it. Just comes to show you that you never know of what one is capable.

If you have finished reading it as I have....hold your bum on and wait patiently, my dears, for there is a companion book to Jebbie.

Have you guessed what my favorite gift was?? Star Wars sheets, Yoda mug, Star Wars Year by Year chronicle book, FashionBox book and potato (story behind that one) included!

Although I did like the GPS as well...fank you, Fajer! I believe they're afraid they'll get a call from me saying, "I'm lost in Philipsburg."

So much to do....I'm sleeping with Vader tonight since I managed to change my sheets today. Cleaning of my room and textbook buying awaits...oh joy.

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