Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Raindrops and sad faces.

Yet another day of raining...although i managed to keep the massive rain-stain off my pants today by the fact that i am not wearing pants today!

Today marks a conglomerate of days....Pearl Harbor, my Grammie's birthday, Billy's birthday, Hump Day, and of course, no pants day.

Sooo...first and foremost...

Happy birthday to my wonderful Grammie!
I called Grammie to wish her happy birthday...rather lucky i got a hold of her when i did. She's quite popular, especially on holidays (counting her birthday a holiday, naturally). I love her long time and can't wait to visit on break!

Awkward as an awkward thing on an awkward day. Wearing no pants out of celebration for no pants hump day. Wearing my Fajer's leather cuff again...seriously, you may hate it (it's not the most delicate or dainty of arm d├ęcor) but i absolutely love it because it was Fajer's.

I layered a lace vest over my the H&M dress i wore for church over Thanksgiving break...added a hot pink belt and this hot mess was ready to go.

My quote of the day: Mean, mean person. What a mean, mean boy.

No need to curse and swear..."mean" sums it up nicely. Du bist gemein and that's just fine. Carrying on with my evening...snuggling up with Theo the Kindle and having another roommate bonding night.

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