Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tad bit nippy...

Once again we had the fire alarm go off at night.....at least it's only 11:50 and not 12:30 like the one a few weeks ago.

It seems as though Funkhouser Hall has the most fire alarms out of all the dorms...so i found a nice little video that seemed appropriate to share

I haven't listened to it yet but it seems to be instructions (from the moron's standpoint *ahem*) on how to properly pop popcorn in the microwave.

According to many eyewitnesses, this seems to be the biggest problem of current undergrads...

Another pet peeve of mine...not washing your hands after using the facilities.

But although that may not directly affect me, it may affect others and is in fact just plain gross.

So... stop it! Wash them hanny-pats as my Mummy used to call them!

Blissful sleep time awaits....oh finals week, you're almost over yet you haven't truly begun for me...

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