Tuesday, December 13, 2011

*Something witty and cheerful*

Refused to wear pants today....it's 43°F outside. Heat wave in this usually chilly month. I find it silly to completely cover up shaved legs, especially when one goes to all that trouble...why can't we be smoothy smooth like naked molerats? Except for the necessities, such as eyebrows and headhair. It would cut down on razors and shave gel and other means by which women use to remove hair, limiting the amount of influence on the environment.

I'm ready for my international studies final...can you tell?

I'm all set with my chocolate pumpkin muffins that i received from my Mummy today!

Dear Mummy, this ridiculous picture is to show you how much i love your muffins. I'm sure you creep on my blog from time to time....i hope you do, anyways....that's what mummy's do. Creep in such a loving way that it is no longer 'creeping' but making sure their children are not being downright rebels.

My friend Melissa made us beautiful necklaces for Xmas. It's not Xmas yet, but i simply couldn't resist wearing it already. Isn't it beautiful?

Taking a break from studying the political boundaries of nation-states in East and South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Central and South America...then i need to refresh on war and peace and the environment of the international world.

I'll leave you with this lovely pic from my Sister's work. Looking through my webcam photos, i noticed an unusually high number of me making absolutely ridick faces.

Hmm...not surprising. We have pics of me laughing at my mirror image when i was little...and making weird faces.

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