Monday, December 19, 2011

i'm not trying

I'm so sorry i've been soo neglectful! The past couple days of been of days of excitement....a bunch of commotion...and naturally, of not wearing pants.

Yesterday i was a good little girl and went to church, then we had a nummy delish lunch of baked spaghetti at home with Mummy and Fajer...then those two lovebirds had a date together....we're not sure how they came home unscathed. Apparently my Fajer had an exceptionally good time. He wore a reindeer headband and led songs. That's my Fajer...quite outgoing and quite frankly, not giving a flying flip. (nice word for the f word) But that's my daddy :)

I have a new mantra...motto...whatev.

No, i haven't gained the freshman 15, but i have gained weight, about which i'm not quite happy.

So....i'm not trying to lose weight; i am losing weight.

For realz. I've lost 3 lbs since Saturday night and dang proud of it! I've learned to like my curves (my chest isn't getting any smaller, no matter what) but my bum has a little extra wiggle and me no like. Buuuut i was able to run 2 straight miles without stopping and that's an accomplishment to meh. I've never been much of a runner. I run funny.

There's no definitive to trying--trying implies failure, as someone so kindly informed me a week or two ago.

Started work again at home today...oh poo, i am pooped.

I have new Xmas card head is aching or else i would go drag my camera out and show this evening's outfit....

It was snowing...

Off to see New Year's Eve!

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